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The next stage of our fundraising will focus on finding, buying, and cultivating farmland so as to grow the food necessary to feed the children of Mercy Home.

Currently we have completed one floor of what will eventually be three stories of the orphanage, and we have utilised this space to expand the number of children being cared for from 21 to over 50. We are so excited to watch our family grow, but we are straining our ability to feed all the children every month. Hunger is an ever present worry, and we know that if
Mercy Home is going to continue to grow, it needs to become sustainable.

So before we begin construction on the second story of the Mercy Home, we are looking to invest in farmland that will help
the orphanage become self sufficient. By growing the food the orphanage needs, such as rice, corn and beans, more children can join the orphanage, and more and more lives can be

If you are interested in donating, you can visit our YouCaring page at: Thank you so much for your support!